9 Essential Building Blocks of a Brand

By focusing on building a basic brand identity, businesses and non-profits of any size can achieve a level of professionalism within a reasonable timeframe and budget. A very basic brand identity—marrying online and print pieces with a distinct message—allows you to surpass your competitors and leave a greater impression on existing clients and new leads.


This is a no-brainer, right? And yet, there are a lot of really bad logos out there! Every business and non-profit needs a good logo, and that means a well-researched, meaningful design that truly exemplifies the purpose and attitude of the organization.

Logo Design

Verbal & Graphic Style

Many people use the “corporate voice” when they write copy for their marketing materials, but is that truly your distinctive voice? They use stock photography and bland, corporate colors even though those may not best reflect their businesses. Your customers will respond better to you if they hear your voice and get an idea of your brand’s personality. It will definitely separate you from your competitors!


Yet another no-brainer. If you don’t have a modern, responsive website that engages visitors, gives them useful information, and stimulates a response, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. A website should be the lynchpin of any brand identity package.

Real Estate Web Design

Stationery & Print Templates

Whether you’ll be printing your own envelopes and letterhead or you decide to get a batch professionally printed, you must extend your new brand identity to your print pieces, including letters, invoices, and any other physical correspondence. Labels, presentations, and proposals are other common pieces that need to be branded.

Business Cards

The business card has evolved dramatically over the past few years into a real showcase of an organization’s brand. Vibrant designs and multiple purposes have taken over. Do your cards stand out in a stack with others?

Business Card Design

Email Signature

It’s a silly little thing to customize, but how many business-related emails do you send out every day? Yet few people take advantage of this simple brand identity upgrade. Add your logo and some style to your email signature to better align it with your brand.

Print Promo Pieces

Having a stylish brochure, flyer, or other type of handout is a great way to spread the word about your products and services. Having separate pieces for special offers and promotions is essential! Branded print pieces strengthen the power of your brand.

Poster Design

Email Marketing & Social Media

Don’t drop the ball after you launch your website. Use the branding you worked so hard to develop to create branded email templates and social media graphics that continue to spread your message. Rotate branded Facebook cover images to mirror your flyers and further promote your brand. Create a colorful Twitter background and update the overall tone of the verbiage you use.

Signs & Tradeshow Materials

Drive around town and see how your signage looks. Pull out your tradeshow booth signs and banners. Do they match your new image or should they be given a reboot as well?

Trade Show Banner Design

How do you know where to start with branding?

You contact a seasoned professional who can guide you toward the most effective way to reach your audience. For both new and existing businesses and non-profits, a qualified marketing consultant like us here at 816 New York can help you determine how to reach your audience and develop a branding package that hits them best. If you have questions or need help taking your brand further, contact us!

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