Each day a little brighter

816 New York unites analysis, technology, creative, and people to reveal opportunities and revitalize teams.

Our Services

We spot patterns and solve problems.

We focus and direct established small to mid-sized businesses, community-based organizations (CBOs), and nonprofits struggling with organizational and identity challenges.


Data analysis, business intelligence, and predictive analytics are the foundation for system improvement and goal-setting. We use both quantitative and qualitative methods to make customer and market data work harder and smarter for your team.


We prioritize accessibility and user experience in our technology and online solutions. We set up, organize, and manage integrated, cost-conscious technology frameworks that meet your goals: websites, CRMs, inventory systems, e-commerce, automation software, and dashboards.


Brand strategy begins with a bold message and powerful visuals. Our process leads you from a logo and a services sheet to a brand story, a sales and communications strategy, a website, and print and digital collateral that truly highlight your objectives and purpose.


We guide teams toward improved productivity and internal communications, as well as initialize operational, sales, and outreach cohesion. We mentor leadership and train their teams on how to build and implement SOPs and business process improvements.

Meet 816 New York

We confront organizational, identity, and visibility challenges for small teams.

Our analytical and creative consultants specialize in working with established businesses, agencies, and nonprofits that sustain our communities. We not only design the plan—we carry out the work.


Via lively, goal-driven conversation, 816 New York constructs measurable strategy. With our help, clogged planning becomes progressive, confident growth.


We curate a team of specialized, expert-level advisors to assess your challenges. We work with you to meet your goals and plan for a healthy future.

Global Reputation

Since 2009, we have worked with nearly 100 nonprofits and businesses around the world.

While we can apply our processes and systems to nearly any environment, our primary industry sectors have been:

  • Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and housing authorities
  • Social justice and economic development organizations
  • Consultants and professional services businesses
  • Restaurants and events businesses
  • Energy and sustainability businesses

816 New York has been a certified NYC Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) since 2017.

People Like Us

I have worked closely with Sarah on several projects, and each time I have been blown away by her depth of knowledge and her unique, creative mind. She has steered me through the steps from start to finish and offered valuable guidance. I am grateful for her expertise and would recommend her services to anyone seeking out a master designer with skilled business sense.

Erin Dwyer, Senior Account Manager Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing: Fairfield, CA

Sarah Williams is an uber-talented, right-left brain dynamo. She's one of the smartest, most creative, most soulful people I know; I'm truly amazed that so much good stuff can fit into one person!

Beth Zimmerman, Founder & Executive Director Pets for Patriots: Long Beach, NY

If I hadn’t met Sarah Williams, I would still be flailing, scattered, and feeling very alone on this entrepreneurial journey. 816 New York meets me exactly where I am in every moment, offering a kind of support that communicates to me that they are just as invested as I am in watching me succeed.

Soha Al-Jurf, MA, CCC-SLP Tuscon, AZ

An empathetic, hands-on business owner and leader that enjoys helping companies and their constituents reach their goals and beyond—that is the 816 New York Evolution! You have a great sense of purpose, style, and competence.

Jerry Weinstein, Certified Business Mentor SCORE: New York, NY

Rebranding our agency as well as creating a website can be very difficult due to the demand necessary to see this type of project through. 816 New York made this process and experience seamless. Everyone involved had a wonderful experience.

Efrain Rolon, Executive Director Lawrence Housing Authority: Lawrence, MA

Thank YOU so much for all the great work you continue to do with us and your professionalism and patience.

Elizabeth Lusskin, Executive Director Long Island City Partnership: New York, NY

For any mission to be complete, we have to have Trust. We didn’t meet for no reason. I am a very spiritual person and I believe this partnership is a blessing given to us.

Tony Brown, Founder & Executive Director Southern CC: Fayetteville, NC

On behalf of our little precious team, I wish to express our appreciation for the work you have done. We really enjoy working with you and it feels supportive in many ways.

Fransiscus Ismaël, PR & Outreach Officer Nalandabodhi International

816 New York understands communication, design, and technology. That collection of skills and knowledge enables them to deliver turnkey solutions with minimal work and/or feedback from the customer. Working with vendors like 816 New York allows me to continue to do more with less.

Stephen Ethier, Director of IT Springfield Housing Authority: Springfield, MA

You are so incredibly appreciated. Thank you for helping us focus. I don’t know what we would have done without you – for real.

Abby Kiesa, CIRCLE's Deputy Director, Tufts University 22x20 Campaign: New York, NY

We value our relationship with you. You’re super awesome and flexible. Thank you for being such a great partner to us. I wouldn’t be able to get things done without your flexibility.

Rowena Sahulee, Director of Marketing & Communications Long Island City Partnership: New York, NY