Stand out during the holidays: unique ideas for small businesses

During the holiday shopping season, it’s easy for messages and promotions from small businesses to get lost. But you can make your business stand out by promoting holiday marketing dates that other businesses neglect. Here’s the complete list of holiday season sales events—from Thanksgiving and Christmas to Singles’ Day and Small Business Saturday. Get the essential details for your calendar, including recommended hashtags.

Top tip: Double the local impact of these hashtags by adding your location. For example, #BlackFriday becomes #BlackFridayTownsville.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day takes place on November 11th in the United States. In Europe, most countries celebrate Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, which marks the end of World War I. 

Now, these events might not seem like big commercial opportunities. But they are an opportunity to build your reputation and remind people of the role that your business plays in the local community. You could offer a discount for veterans, donate goods or services to a charity, or simply recognize the date on your social media.

#VeteransDay #thankyou #ThankAVet #SaluteToService #RemembranceDay

Singles’ Day

Also on November 11th—but not related at all. Singles Day started in Asia as a special sales date for single people (because of its lucky number date, 11/11). Now this holiday has grown bigger than Black Friday, and it’s quickly spreading to other countries.

If Veterans Day isn’t your style, this is a great opportunity to reach out to your customers. Encourage them to treat themselves with special offers and gift bundles.

#SinglesDay #BachelorsDay 


Thanksgiving is a huge opportunity for retailers, especially if you sell home ware, food or drink. But every small business can get on board by sharing seasonal promotions, and saying what they’re thankful for… Their customers.

The key is to get organized in advance. Start your email campaigns and social media posts at least a month before the holiday—and if you trade in Canada, don’t forget that Canadian Thanksgiving takes place more than a month before Thanksgiving in the U.S..

#Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving2019 #TurkeyDay #thankful

Black Friday

Black Friday is most definitely a tradition started by major retailers and big box stores. But, as a small business or e-commerce retailer, you can still put your own spin on the day.

Choose what works for you: big Black Friday discounts, or advertising your brand as a break from the madness. Some small businesses even choose to stay closed on Black Friday—saving their efforts for other occasions where they can have more impact.

#BlackFriday #BlackFriday2019 #BlackFridayDeals

Small Business Saturday

What was that about occasions that help small businesses? Oh, yes—Small Business Saturday.

This holiday is your chance to shine. On Small Business Saturday, remind your customers of how much your local business contributes to the community, and the benefits of supporting small retailers.  Make sure you send out emails and social media posts at least a week before, and follow up with reminders, so that you don’t get lost in the noise of Thanksgiving weekend.

#SmallBusinessSaturday #shoplocal #supportlocalbusiness #sustainable

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday isn’t just for electronics brands. It’s the perfect opportunity to boost online orders and e-commerce sales. Contact your customers with tempting offers that they can only find online.

While Black Friday has spilled over from the U.S. into other countries, Cyber Monday is less well-known. But if you have customers in the U.K., you can run Cyber Monday-style offers for Last Posting Dates: the last day of the year that people can order products in time for Christmas. 

#CyberMonday #CyberMonday2019 #CyberMondayDeals 


And of course… there’s Christmas. Just like Thanksgiving, your Christmas marketing campaign should start weeks in advance. Keep customers’ attention by sharing regular updates, limited-time offers, and seasonal treats.

Once your Christmas sales campaign is over, you can close the store, schedule a few social media posts, and go home to enjoy the holiday.

Until the New Year…

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