NFL restaurant promotions that won’t cause controversy

As another football season rolls around, owners look forward to revving up shifts with NFL-inspired cocktails and restaurant promotions. According to Grub Street:

NFL games account for 10% or more of fall traffic to places like Buffalo Wild Wings.

While small restaurant and bar owners may not see a significant jump in sales, those who serve food like pizza or wings rely on selling higher quantities during the football season. Food & Wine claims that local businesses are affected as well, saying:

Ratings can make or break sports bars, which have been shown to be impacted by even tiny shifts in football viewership.

Protect your restaurant’s brand by segmenting your email marketing list and using storytelling in your restaurant promotions while steering clear of controversy.

Build an NFL fan email list.

Create restaurant promotions that appeal to your audience by staying on top of analytics and understanding your clientele. Statistica reports that:

43% of voters support taking a knee, and another 54% are firmly against it.

Instead of guessing and sending out promotions to your entire email list, segment loyal NFL fans. Figure out who the football lovers are by creating a targeted campaign.

  • Include a popup on your website and advertise on social media.
  • Encourage users to provide their email address or cell phone number to receive a discount during a Monday or Thursday game.
  • Build a list of loyal football fans who are most likely to drink and eat at your dining establishment during football games.

By promoting directly to football fans, you’ll eliminate conflict with those who oppose or are indifferent to the sport. Segmenting your email list enables you to target specific customers for NFL restaurant promotions. Once you’ve narrowed down your email marketing list, then send messages highlighting football-related events and specials.

Tell a story about your restaurant brand and football.

Personalize the football experience by relating your story to that of your guests. Maybe you employ a local football player as a dishwasher or host fantasy football events. Use storytelling to focus your guests on your restaurant’s hometown appeal.

Furthermore, play on the American relationship with cold beverages, wings, pizza, and football by avoiding league advertising and offering up sporty stories from your family and crew.

  • Include photos of owners and staff playing football with family members on Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • Add social messages tying football to a family pastime like local high school or college games.
  • Provide carry out or delivery specials for guests less interested in NFL games.

Turn the focus away from the league and remind your restaurant guests of the joys of the game. Elements of storytelling combined with segmented promotions ensure your restaurant campaigns increase sales.

Restaurant promotions bring guests in during football gamesProtect brand identity with fan-focused restaurant promotions.

Some New York businesses, like Borio’s Restaurant, make public statements about the NFL conflict. Other establishments, like the brand Pizza Hut, embrace the sport by targeting football fans. Pizza Hut chief brand officer Marianne Radley said:

Everything we’re activating and executing is fan-centric.

By concentrating on the fan experience, Pizza Hut intends to capitalize on “customers who are NFL fans.”

Staying consistent on social media with fan-friendly images and heartwarming stories helps restaurant owners avoid antagonizing current and former football fans.

There’s no reason for employees to downplay their team loyalties; however, keeping it civil on social platforms preserves your restaurant’s brand.

Guarantee your food, service, and guest experience stay at the forefront of people’s minds with restaurant promotions that dodge controversy.

Chef-owners boost sales by using lead capture promotions and updated campaigns that deliver results. A winning strategy broadens your brand’s overall appeal and plays right into the football season.

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