3 Problems your restaurant holiday promotions can solve

Your approach to restaurant holiday promotions impacts your revenue both during the season and in the slower months ahead. It’s not only about gift-giving, as today’s consumer wants to treat themselves as well. Deloitte’s holiday survey finds:

Experiences such as entertaining and socializing represent 40% of the planned holiday budget while gift-giving is 34%.

So how can you stand out during the holiday rush?

Don’t be just another restaurant. Make the holidays easier for your customers.

Delight them at every interaction with holiday promotions that keep your restaurant at the front of their minds when they need help.

Problem 1: Finding gifts that everyone enjoys.

Pleasing everyone during the holiday season is challenging. Soothe your customers’ pain points with holiday promotions that communicate your restaurant’s solutions.

Last-minute gift? We got you.

Running out of cash and want a treat for yourself? Buy a gift card and get a free dessert (or beer).

Attending an office party and don’t know who the gift is for? Everyone loves a restaurant gift card.

“For the past 11 years, gift cards have been the most requested holiday gift by consumers,” according to Hospitality Tech. That’s part of the reason why holiday shoppers increasingly turn to gift cards with Paytronix showing:

Year-over-year gift card sales increased by more than 10%.

So, how can you ease your restaurant guests’ problems and sell more gift cards? Start promoting early! The first spike in gift card sales hits on Black Friday.

Chart showing gift card sales in November and December which helps when planning restaurant holiday promotions.

Paytronix annual gift card sales report

Increase sales of gift cards during the holiday season by:

  1. Developing an in-store campaign using creative table tents and signage.
  2. Rewarding your crew for meeting shift goals.
  3. Designing a digital campaign that extends across your website and social media.
  4. Selling gift cards across multiple platforms, including third-party sites, your restaurant website, and in-store.


Problem 2: Limited space and time for event hosting.

[sc name=”gotyou-food” ]

Both private and business customers find themselves in a pickle when it comes to planning holiday events. Perhaps they lack the space in their home or board room. Or they simply don’t want the hassle and mess. Plus, restaurant guests want a rest from the hustle of the holidays. Data from Bentobox shows that during the holiday season restaurants report a:

166% increase in tickets for tasting, private dinners, and classes.

Showcase your solution by personalizing your email and social media campaigns with targeted restaurant event promotions.

  • Contact business customers to suggest afternoon holiday parties in your dining room.
  • Develop a relaxing wine tasting event for parents who need a break.
  • Bring in a gift-wrapping or bow making expert for a fun class.

Problem 3: People are sick of cooking!

Did you know that restaurants report three times more catering revenue during the holidays? Your customers have their plates full with family and work events.

Table card design

At a certain point, the hassle of preparing all of the food themselves just isn’t worth it. Your restaurant holiday promotions attract customers who need your services.

  • Send out mailers with catering and family-size options.
  • Hold holiday dinners and luncheons, inviting customers to “gather at your table.”
  • Contact customers who ordered catering services last year.
  • Design well-timed social media posts to create awareness.
  • Build out a section of your website specifically to attract catering clients, complete with an online form to gather specifics, sample catering menu, and pricing by head count.

Create a buzz with restaurant holiday promotions.

Whether you’re serving up brunch on the day after Christmas or holding an early morning happy hour for Black Friday shoppers, get your audience thrilled about stopping by your restaurant.

Start by going through your calendar now, all the way through January 1st. Identify each opportunity to share your restaurant holiday promotions with a specific group of customers. By planning your communications strategy ahead of time, you’ll be well-prepared to handle the holiday rush.

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