Professional logo design and why it matters for your housing authority

Designing a logo that embodies a housing authority’s position as a responsible steward of public funds while communicating what your agency does and whom it serves is no easy task.

When the Wolff Olins firm created the reported $665,400 logo for the 2012 London Olympics, it didn’t quite inspire the desired response. Inc. cites the design’s critics as describing a:

Bunch of blocks having a seizure.

Then you have insanely cheap success stories, like the original Twitter logo for an estimated $15. Unfortunately, you won’t find much luck with a deal like this. Nor would you want to take a helter-skelter approach to a design that covers your fleet of vehicles, social media platforms, and community flyers.

When it comes to modernizing your logo, most small housing authorities don’t have access to an in-house design team. However, outsourcing logo development and design provide key benefits that affect long-term planning.

Why do housing authorities update a logo?

Housing Authorities use professional logo design on digital platforms to boost reputationMillions of people visit the Department of Housing and Urban Development website, and at any given time 30-40% of those site visitors use a smartphone. Housing authorities often choose to replace a design that appears shoddy on a mobile phone.

Others realize that over the years, their logo has lost its initial luster. Scott Salotto, Rockland County Director of Strategic Communications in New York, told The Journal News that their old logo had:

Been tweaked and trimmed and colored so many times. It’s lost any real meaning.

As housing authorities shift into different forms of affordable housing and development, it becomes essential to update their logos to target markets effectively.

What factors matter in developing a new design?

While a mobile-friendly logo is vital, it’s imperative that your design holds its appeal across all mediums. It must fit your digital page, while smoothly transferring onto vehicles and withstanding photocopying a zillion times. A distinctive logo:

Whether your organization chooses to go with a standalone logo or a public housing agency rebranding, keeping a consistent theme is crucial.

Why do housing authorities use a professional to design a logo?

Although you’ll find stories about fantastic logo design by an amateur, an ongoing partnership with a designer saves your organization money in the long run. Collaborate with an expert and your housing authority benefits from:

A deep understanding of your housing authority’s mission. A professional considers all the elements behind your brand. They put in the time and research to guarantee your housing authority, community, and stakeholders are satisfied with the result.

The assurance of a timeless design. The distinctive design suits your housing authority for decades instead of a trend that loses its appeal when the next big idea comes about.

Ongoing help with design implementation. Rolling out a new logo across multiple platforms and properties is both time-consuming and expensive. Logo design services provide a strategy for phasing in a new logo.

If your housing authority logo no longer communicates your organization’s values or position in the community, then it’s time for an update. An impressive logo embraces your housing authority’s intent while focusing on user experience. Use colors, fonts, and a design that catches the eye, while keeping your logo scalable. Doing so ensures the longevity of your logo and the credibility of your housing authority.

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