5 Steps for amplifying energy industry speaking engagements

What are you doing to grow your emerging energy business? Deloitte’s 2020 Renewable Energy Industry Outlook says:

Overall flat U.S. electricity load growth, rapidly declining renewable energy costs, and maturation of energy storage are increasing competition between traditional and renewable energy resources.

As competition for clean energy services ramps up, leaders who leverage their reputation will have the edge. Lead your industry by securing speaking engagements that attract attention and provide extra value to your brand. Then boost revenue with a seamless engagement strategy.

1. Design a strategy for renewable energy events.

Presenting at an event or participating on a panel is time-consuming. That’s why having a game plan and clear objectives is crucial. Each action, from selecting the speaking engagement to writing your speech to promoting your appearance, needs to move you towards your goal.

Define your target audience and find high-value renewable energy speaking engagements.

Time is limited, so obtain speaking engagements that highlight your expertise, increase brand visibility, and build your reputation as an industry leader. Above all, you need decision-makers in your audience. For instance:

  • A keynote speech at a high-level conference boosts your credibility. But it doesn’t necessarily result in higher sales.
  • Speaking to local business owners at a business roundtable may present more lead-generating opportunities.

Develop a plan for event promotions.

Get the most out of your time by promoting your appearance across several platforms.

Attendees listening to a renewable energy presentation

2. Create a speech that delivers value.

Forget the corny joke and long-drawn-out speech. Instead, develop ideas that are relevant, timely, and personal to the corporate executives in your audience. Gauge interest in your topics by asking a question on LinkedIn or taking a poll on Facebook.

  • Create an outline of your speech. Plan your key talking points and look for knowledge gaps where you can add value.
  • Start with your speaker’s bio. This is an excellent spot to add keywords for those who search for topics relating to your speech.
  • Develop presentation decks. Add a visual and interactive aspect to your speech with well-prepared Slideshare decks.

While reading through your speech, consider ways to add an interactive element. Event MB reports:

53% of event professionals say that their attendees want greater interaction with speakers at their events.

Capture the attention of your audience by providing three main takeaways, giving actionable steps, and including a call-to-action.

3. Brainstorm ways to connect with event attendees.

[sc name=”gotyou-energy” ]

You won’t be sweeping into the conference hall, taking the podium, then waltzing out of the room shortly thereafter. Instead, you’ll show up early to familiarize yourself and chat with other speakers or panel members.

Entice attendees to connect with you by giving them a compelling reason to talk after the speech. For example: “By the way, we’re hiring, and I’ll be hanging out in the coffee area for the next hour or so. Feel free to come by and chat.” You may answer questions from the crowd and even take photos. Use each of these moments to your advantage with a communications strategy.

  • Look for mingling opportunities by reviewing the event schedule and attendee list (if available).
  • Consider adding a slide to your presentation that informs people how to connect with you on social media, get a copy of your presentation, or set up a meeting.

4. Follow up after your speech ends.

Promote your brand and speaking engagement throughout the process, then follow up once you finish. This step is crucial to getting a return on your performance.

  • Reach out to attendees via social media and email.
  • Repurpose your speech into blogs, emails, and video content.
  • Send thank-you notes to event leaders.
  • Share photos from the event.
  • Develop an online event or webinar.
  • Ask for testimonials from event organizers and attendees.

5. Assess the ROI of renewable energy speaking engagements.

Collect data during every step. Then review information to determine the overall cost and benefits to your company. Event data improves collaboration in your clean energy company by providing valuable insights for use in sales, marketing, and customer service.

By stepping into the public arena, you build a stronger business presence on and offline.

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