Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Reviving the F*ck-Yeah spirit

Perhaps it’s the pressure of the holidays or just coincidental timing, but in the past few weeks, many clients have shared tales of struggle. It’s sometimes the influx of (mostly non-work) challenges that can impede progress, stymie projects, and burn you out.

We know this all too well. When you’re an Army of One – or just a few – momentum can dwindle.

But you cannot release creativity and celebrate progress without a sense of inner harmony. And it can be exhausting to cry, “You can do it!” with unbridled enthusiasm at yourself every second of the day.

So we listen FIRST, then proceed to the work. And if need be, we remind our clients how far they’ve come, how strong they are, that hope exists for a reason, that humility is classy, but sometimes you need a big burst of fuck-yeah-I-can ego.

And that being a survivor is one of the noblest parts of being an entrepreneur.

That personal attention (and the ability to stir up fuck-yeah-ness) is part of our culture.

What can you say about your brand culture?

Management consultant and brand strategist for small teams. Fan of dark tea, thick books, peace, and unity.

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