What we do

Our advisors apply insights gathered from patterns in data and behavior to develop motivated strategy.

816 New York's holistic model unites analysis, people, technology, and creative to open up opportunities for positive, team-centered growth while solving problems.


Clients love our hands-on strategic planning process! Our hybrid understanding of both brand and business means that our action plans pinpoint both external and internal barriers and opportunities.

  • Audit: We perform a complete audit of your brand and business—operations, finances, pricing / packaging, internal communications, technology / CRMs, team structures, outreach strategy, digital health, reputation, messaging, visuals, the works.
  • Discovery: We hold regular strategic sessions with your leadership team to learn your business inside and out, from the numbers to the people running the show. 
  • Gathering: We compile both quantitative (sales, finances, employees, retention, website, social media, etc) and qualitative (interviews, surveys, stakeholder and customer feedback, etc) data about the current state of the organization. 
  • Goal-Setting: We help define KPIs around specific, measurable metrics and timelines. We also identify risk factors and highlight opportunities you likely haven’t thought of before.
  • Action Plan: We transform that audit into a strategic action plan that outlines methods to align your business and brand goals. 


Data analysis and brand strategy don't round out an organization's goals or needs. Engaging and activating the people—customers, customer service, salespeople, account managers, leadership—earns buy-in and greater success. As certified Change Management Specialists, our relationships with our clients go beyond deliverables, humanizing our work and making it accessible to all.

  • Change management: Via proactive tactics and prioritizing stakeholder buy-in, change management reduces the chances of negative fallout and emphasizes the “people side” of how an organization can change. We analyze your existing organization and design of business systems, including departments, divisions and enterprise organizations, eliciting the “future state” and creating  a plan for improvement.
  • Leadership and management mentoring: Our longstanding mentorships help  leaders and managers gain the skills to better understand the systems and processes we recommend and build, including adoption and resistance within their teams. Agile leaders must embody and imbue their teams with emotional intelligence to ensure the highest quality results. We help develop and enhance EQ skills.
  • Staff training: We provide instruction and guidance at whatever level necessary to engage the teams with whom we work, be it video tutorials, weekly project management check-ins, or a knowledgebase.
  • Sales strategy: We guide teams on pitches and proposals, lead nurturing, scripts, and any other form of outward-facing client relations that support brand and analytical insights.


We prioritize accessibility and user experience in our internal and external technology and online solutions. We set up, organize, and manage integrated, cost-conscious technology frameworks that run your frontend and backend systems in concert with customer journeys and staff processes.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Systems administration, setup, and integration for automation, email / list-building, inventory, and other types of customer management platforms.
  • Change management: Identifying and documenting existing and future technological requirements, developing solutions, and recommending tech-related change strategies.
  • UX and websites: Design and development, including wireframing, customer journey mapping, content development, landing / sales pages, trackers, search engine optimization, and accessibility, integrated with third-party platforms and services.
  • Custom dashboards: Derived from quantitative analysis, custom dashboards monitor specific metrics.
  • Platform research, mobile / chat messaging, knowledgebases and ticketing systems


Brand strategy begins with a conversation that leads to bold messaging and powerful visuals. Our process leads your team from a logo and a sales sheet to a brand story that empowers your mission.

  • Verbal: Messaging, taglines, vision and purpose, verbal style / voice, content editing
  • Visual: Logo and visual systems, brand guides, website design, print and trade show collateral design, stationery, templates design, presentation / slidedeck design, report design
  • Communications strategy: communications plans, persona development, audience segmentation, communications channel selection, market analysis, competitive analysis, reports and dashboards
  • Brand audit, crisis communications, brand architecture, email marketing, market differentiation, lead nurturing, positioning
Groups and engagements


Our consultants are available for speaking opportunities, including networking groups and trade shows. We are open to interviews for podcasts, blogs and news sites, networking entities, and others.

Advice and encouragement


  • Risk-taking and differentiation
  • Survival as a conscious, empathic professional
  • Conflict resolution: customers, clients, staff
  • Resolving growth and development challenges
  • Limitations we cause within our teams and how to overcome them
Our process

816 New York applies systems and logic to:


Who you are

Brand values and vision, differentiation points, organizational culture


How you work

Sales and brand targeting, outreach tactics, voice and messaging


Where you are

Market analysis, competitors, persona development


What you offer

Products and services structure, packaging and pricing


Why you're limited

Resources, measurement, staffing, education, philosophy