Why small housing authorities should design versatile event exhibits

Small housing authorities are wizards when it comes to making do with less. From small teams managing hundreds of properties to executives wearing multiple hats, nonprofit culture welcomes creative problem-solving skills.

If you’ve ever walked around the office, scanning your co-workers’ desks for the perfect picture frame to complete your trade show booth display, then you know what I mean by unique.

When event traffic is underwhelming, small housing authorities can increase exposure and boost credibility by refreshing their trade show booth design.

Having a DIY mentality and knowing what to outsource is critical. So, pull out your crates, toss that old tablecloth, and start updating your exhibit.

Small housing authorities use exhibits to connect.

Unlike for-profit companies, small housing authorities don’t have a massive budget for fancy booths at a local housing and job fair. Nor do agencies have the workforce for transporting bulky trade show displays. We’ve found that the best designs for small housing authorities are:

  • DIY or inexpensive to create
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Versatile for use at a variety of events

Trade show booth designReview your tablescape.

If you’re still using the same tired tablecloth from years ago, then it’s time to update.

Choose a piece of fabric that embraces your housing authority’s theme while paying tribute to the event’s purpose.

Better yet, ditch the folding table and use a podium for increased height and exposure.

Bright materials promote kid-friendly activities, while muted colors appeal to attendees at adult-centered events, like senior expos.

Embrace technology.

From live streaming on social media to QR codes directing potential public housing residents to your web application, technology captures attention and provides convenience. Bizzabo reports that:

60% of smartphone users are using their devices at social gatherings and events.

Determine if your current technology hinders or helps your trade booth design. Adding QR codes is a free way to meet your trade show goals.

Develop a focal point.

What’s the primary benefit displayed by your housing authority’s booth? Lead the conversation with a well-designed focal point.

  • Promote accessibility with a quiet spot to review application guidelines.
  • Highlight a new service or impressive property updates with vibrant images or a short video.
  • Build your email list by centering attention on an email sign-up and giveaway.

Invest in new signage and banners.

Updated graphics attract your target audience. Ensure your organization sends the right message by assessing current signage.

For example, if your small housing authority struggles with reputation issues, then position your public housing logo lower, while prominently displaying a housing-related, feel-good image near the top.

The same goes for if your small housing authority manages an array of properties. Use well-crafted signage that targets your specific market for maximum exposure.

Don’t forget to look down.

Regardless of the event, people are staring down at their phones. Add an attractive floor covering that compels an event attendee to look up. Exhibitor says:

Switching out your existing floor for something new or different can easily and inexpensively update the look and feel of the entire exhibit.

Rely on strategy for final design decisions.

Event attendees stop by your exhibit for a solution. If your design doesn’t stand out and make people pause or look up from their phones, then you’re losing valuable opportunities for community growth and connection.

Small housing authorities who strategically use images and design elements improve foot traffic to their booth.

With a little innovation and guidance, your trade show booth will capture the attention of event attendees and promote your top benefits, while boosting your small housing authority’s credibility in the community.

Management consultant and brand strategist for small teams. Fan of dark tea, thick books, peace, and unity.

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