How energy & sustainability leaders use online events and webinars to convert leads

Sales and marketing experts call online events like webinars and product demonstrations conversion machines. Proof from a Forbes C-Suite report shows that “65% of senior executives take action after watching a video.”

In fact, GotoWebinar found that:

73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say a webinar is the best way to generate quality leads.

Webinars and product demos transform dry data into a compelling videos that deliver value to prospects and customers while positioning your sustainability business as an industry leader. Energy professionals boost revenue by developing interactive content that engages prospects in a two-way conversation.

Choose high-converting online events.

Renewable energy landing page for online events webinar

The Clean Energy Solutions Center provides numerous webinars.

Here’s the thing—whether you’re hosting a webinar or product demo, your online event isn’t a sales pitch. Sure, you’ll sandwich a low-key offering in between high-value information, but the point is to deliver value to your audience.

Your presentation doesn’t replace your onsite meeting; it enhances it.

You might offer:

  • An online product demonstration to generate leads while engaging prospects during and after the event.
  • From frequently asked questions to complex data, a webinar is a friendly event format that engages prospects.

Create a plan for promoting online events.

[sc name=”gotyou-energy” ]

Build hype about your event by launching your promotions four weeks before your webinar or product demo. Engage current subscribers while boosting awareness across all platforms.

Email list. For substantial impact, devise well-timed emails to generate interest among current and new subscribers. GotoWebinar finds that, “Email drives 57% of webinar registrations.”

PR / outreach. Build credibility via press releases and personalized invites to industry influencers and reporters.

Social media. Share stats, notable event speakers, and testimonials from current customers. Deliver video snippets or live stream to decision-makers on LinkedIn.

Timing and repetition matter when promoting your webinar or product demo. Follow up anyone on your list who hasn’t opened your email or signed up. Send a note to help them understand the particular benefits to their attendance, as well as inviting their staff to attend.

Optimize your webinar landing page.

A well-designed landing page converts page viewers into subscribers using copy, images, and a user-friendly format that makes signups simple.

  • Your landing page lives on your website, so update it with video snippets to increase conversions by 30% or more.
  • After your webinar is over, tweak the copy to gather email addresses in return for the prerecorded video.
ETS Landing page for online event webinar

ETS landing page for their live webinar.

Gather data and create an event video script.

The key is to create a visual event that delivers a combo of personality and information.

  • Improve your buyer’s journey with a script that includes insight from your sales, marketing, and customer service teams.
  • Use well-placed charts and animated infographics to add to the speaker’s commentary.

Use event tools for your webinar presentation.

Create a webinar using services that integrate with your email and website while auto recording for future distribution. Tools for live events include:

Follow up after your online events to convert leads.

Turn your online event into a conversion machine by having a strategy for outreach after your webinar ends.

  • Follow up with a press release that shares a unique fact from your event attendance list.
  • Share social posts with testimonials and comments from event attendees.
  • Sum up your Q&A / FAQ session in a blog post.
  • Send an email with a link to the recorded video and/or slide deck for those who didn’t attend or sign up.
  • Connect with those who shared your hashtags or participated to see if they have any further questions.

Webinars and product demonstrations integrate with a multi-channel communications plan to shorten the sales cycle and increase conversions while positioning your energy organization as an industry leader.

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