People trust us

Praise for our leadership

You have done a spectacular job on this piece. Can’t wait for it to be in the site and also distributed with our partners.

Ibrahima Souare Executive Director, NYPACE: New York, NY

Ruvelle wouldn't exist without Sarah Williams's genius, heart, and wisdom too. Thank you for believing in me and seeing the vision and being the exact voice I have always needed to take my work to the next many levels.

Parijat Deshpande Founder, Ruvelle: Honolulu, HI

Sarah is one of my favorite people. In working with her, I felt totally free to bring everything I am to the table.

Parijat Deshpande Founder, Ruvelle: Honolulu, HI

I interviewed 15 people before I found you. They were all awful, sales-y, saying they could do what I needed, but I wasn't sure they understood. When I got off the phone with you, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for and that you understood how to transition my brand and business. I'm so loving working with you!

Parijat Deshpande Founder, Ruvelle: Honolulu, HI

I was at your presentation today. After listening to your presentation, I feel like I need months to get my website to a level that would even be ready for an audit! I would love to know what you think would be the most effective interventions for my website right now.

Eli L Member, Start Small Think Big: Los Angeles, CA

Thank YOU for a terrific presentation. You hit on so many critical points in your usual concise and practical way and always with humility and patience. Our RT folks should be comfortable with contacting you for any guidance they may require.

Jerry Weinstein, Certified Business Mentor SCORE: New York, NY

Sarah is an amazing management professional. She takes pride in making small to mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, and community-based organizations shine. She is an expert in creating brand campaigns while elevating your company's mission and values. She also pays immense attention to detail for your website, print & digital collateral that enhance your sales strategy. Adding technology to her service offerings gives you a complete solution!

Julia Smith, Publisher Davis Living Magazine, Fairfield, CA

I have worked closely with Sarah on several website projects, and each time I have been blown away by her depth of knowledge and her unique, creative mind. She has provided operational direction far beyond our typical website build-out—steering me through the steps from start to finish and offering valuable guidance for presenting to clients. I am grateful for her expertise and would recommend her services to anyone seeking out a master designer with skilled business sense.

Erin Dwyer, Senior Account Manager Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing: Fairfield, CA

Sarah Williams is an uber-talented, right-left brain dynamo. She's one of the smartest, most creative, most soulful people I know; I'm truly amazed that so much good stuff can fit into one person!

Beth Zimmerman, Founder & Executive Director Pets for Patriots: Long Beach, NY

I must share with you that in all the years we have been doing this, we have never had a more successful pitch meeting than we did for this project. To have the client make a decision during the meeting... that has never happened before.

Anita Nevins, CEO Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing: Fairfield, CA

I believe that any organization would be very fortunate to have a chance to work with you.

Saleem Zaru, Executive Director United Palestinian Appeal: Washington, DC

If I hadn’t met Sarah Williams, I would still be flailing, scattered, and feeling very alone on this entrepreneurial journey. Sarah meets me exactly where I am in every moment, offering a kind of support that communicates to me that she is just as invested as I am in watching me succeed.

Soha Al-Jurf, MA, CCC-SLP Tuscon, AZ

Sarah Williams is a true collaborator in my business—the adviser I’d been seeking for a decade, but I had no idea how to find. Like a partner in a loosely-choreographed dance, she elegantly alternates between leading and following my lead, unafraid to go wherever my imagination and ambition might take us. And yet, she is grounded and clear enough in my overall mission that she knows how to bring us back to a center point where we are moving consistently in the direction of my vision.

Soha Al-Jurf, MA, CCC-SLP Tuscon, AZ

An empathetic, hands-on business owner and leader that enjoys helping companies and their constituents reach their goals and beyond—that is the 816 New York Evolution! You have a great sense of purpose, style, and competence.

Jerry Weinstein, Certified Business Mentor SCORE: New York, NY

I met Sarah Williams through a mutual friend in the housing industry. At that time, we were in the process of rebranding our agency as well as creating a website. This process can be very difficult, mainly due to the significant demand and level of coordination and involvement necessary to see this type of project through. Ms. Williams made this process and experience seamless. Sarah is professional, prompt with her responses, and provided us with her style and guidance that made everyone involved have a wonderful experience.

Efrain Rolon, Executive Director Lawrence Housing Authority: Lawrence, MA

On behalf of our little precious team, I wish to express our appreciation for the work you have done. We really enjoy working with you and it feels supportive in many ways.

Fransiscus Ismaël, PR & Outreach Officer Nalandabodhi International

I want to express my gratitude for putting these assets together and in general for continuing to work with us trying to establish a wonderful new design & approach for our newsletter.

Fransiscus Ismaël, PR & Outreach Officer Nalandabodhi International

Thank you for the brand brief. You did an amazing job capturing and synthesizing all the things we've talked about.

David Hom, Founder Malama: New York, NY

For any mission to be complete, we have to have Trust. We didn’t meet for no reason. I am a very spiritual person and I believe this partnership is a blessing given to us.

Tony Brown, Founder & Executive Director Southern CC: Fayetteville, NC

Thank YOU so much for all the great work you continue to do with us and your professionalism and patience.

Elizabeth Lusskin, Executive Director Long Island City Partnership: New York, NY

The website looks completely awesome. We're getting mega-compliments and kudos. You really did fantastic work for us. It's a pleasure to look at and use. And it was a pleasure working with you on this.

Mary Ellen Lowney, Communications & Community Relations Manager Springfield Housing Authority: Springfield, MA

I am grateful for your involvement. I am really pleased with the way we were able to work quickly, collaboratively, and toward a very good outcome.

Oslene Carrington, CEO Guyana Economic Development Trust: New York, NY / Guyana

Thank you so much for your vision for us!

Melissa Robinson, Co-Founder Robinson/Scholastic Objectives : Norfolk, CT

AWESOME results this weekend at the open house, a big turn out and big sales Friday through Monday, so far! Thank you to the moon and back for your support.

Shelley Jansen, Owner Bikram Yoga Glastonbury: Glastonbury, CT

I had a 90-minute meeting with the Director of Marketing for Staples Inc., and I asked her what she thought of our website and branding. They said it was excellent! She absolutely loved it and was extremely complimentary about your work. Had to pass that on!

Gary Peterson, Managing Director Peterson Madsen Group: Boston, MA

I’ve been really impressed with the 816 New York team’s ability to pull everything together. I work with a good amount of vendors that can only get you 85% of the way through a project.

Stephen Ethier, Director of IT Springfield Housing Authority: Springfield, MA

The site has been a huge success! Everyone loved it including the web person for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Most of our leads come from the site.

Joel Rottman, COO/Deputy Director The Goodwin: West Hartford, CT

The campaign speaks to the professional and gets immediate attention. The colors draw the businessperson and the text format grabs you when scanning the card. I think it will offer a quick response. Thanks for all your hard work and ideas.

Valorie Steinbeck, Promotions Manager FastrackCE: Chino, CA

I could cry right now … and I might! It is awesome and exactly the direction we should go!

Anita Nevins, President Spark Online Events: Fairfield, CA

816 New York understands communication, design, and technology. That collection of skills and knowledge enables them to deliver turnkey solutions with minimal work and/or feedback from the customer. Working with vendors like 816 New York allows me to continue to do more with less.

Stephen Ethier, Director of IT Springfield Housing Authority: Springfield, MA

I simply know that an angel sent your number to me… I just don’t know how to explain that I found in you exactly what I was dreaming of for the last three years.

Shelley Jansen, Owner Bikram Yoga Glastonbury: Glastonbury, CT

I can't thank you enough for all that you did over the years and the awesome work you and your team did for TCE. I'm so grateful we have had the chance to work together and truly value our friendship.

Maria Hebda, Founder & CEO The Career Experts: Detroit, MI

Recommendations on how to utilize keywords within blog posts to draw in clients work like a charm. Just google “Builders Risk Insurance Connecticut” and see where Olde Liberty Insurance falls – it’s # 1 on page 1 of a bazillion pages.

Andrew Borner, Owner Olde Liberty Insurance: Wethersfield, CT

Within 5 minutes of that email blast, 2 online sales. The coolest is that most are coming from either new students or ones I haven’t seen in a long time! Yahoo!

Shelley Jansen, Owner Bikram Yoga Glastonbury: Glastonbury, CT

Having my brand depicted like this, gives such a great perspective. I especially love the breakdown of the audience, the accurate descriptions and putting a face to who I want to really help makes it very personal which is important for me! Love it 🙂

Raquel Nowak, Owner Bump2Beyond: New York, NY

Without a doubt, it takes someone with your creativity and expertise to tame this monster. I plan to recommend you to all of my colleagues as a resource in website and brand development.

Maria Hebda, Founder & CEO The Career Experts: Detroit, MI

Thanks so much for all your hard work in getting the website up and also in developing the Bump2Beyond brand! You and your team understood where I wanted to go and took the time to help me get there despite the personal setbacks I experienced along the way. I am grateful for the professionalism and compassion you took to my project.

Raquel Nowak, Owner Bump2Beyond: New York, NY

I felt I was talking to someone who cared and understood my problem in just a few minutes. I can't thank you enough.

Evaggelia Makaleka, Owner YES! English Language Center: Greece

We love what you’ve done! We ALL agree that the brand brief is fabulous! Thanks for being so prompt and professional with everything; we so appreciate it. The Channel Partner brochure is getting rave reviews!

Gary Peterson, Founder & Managing Partner Lux Global Partners: New York, NY

Thanks for all your hard work. You’ve been a pleasure to work with.

Fiona Asple, Director, Information Technology RIC Insurance General Agency: Santa Rosa, CA

What’s nice about working with you is that we’re working on branding AND how to strategically and effectively get my message across via my websites, social media, and any other online resource that’s available out there!

Maria Hebda, Founder & CEO The Career Experts: Detroit, MI

If 816 New York were in the business of tying you a knot, yours would be tight. You have an idea. They work with you to bring it to life. They will work closely with you on what’s important to you and your business from inception to launch—and on all the details in between. I have received nothing but positive feedback on my branding and website from friends, family, colleagues, and clients alike.

Andrew Borner, Owner Olde Liberty Insurance: Wethersfield, CT

I wouldn’t even think about using another branding / website company. Without hesitation I give the 816 New York name and number to anyone I come across that’s in the market for these services.

Andrew Borner, Owner Olde Liberty Insurance: Wethersfield, CT

Your work is extremely good, and we all love what you’re doing. Kudos to you and your team! I haven’t seen this kind of action on LinkedIn in a long time. I’m quite impressed.

Gary Peterson, Founder & Managing Partner Lux Global Partners: New York, NY

You rock! Thanks for all your input. You are a wealth of information. I always hold you in the highest regard!

Brad Nevins, Director of Sales ClassicPlan: Chino, CA

You are so incredibly appreciated. Thank you for helping us focus. I don’t know what we would have done without you – for real.

Abby Kiesa, CIRCLE's Deputy Director, Tufts University 22x20 Campaign: New York, NY