Want Instagram Followers? User-Centered Content Is the Answer

Do you want to know how some have attracted such a huge Instagram following? They’re showing love to their fans!

As with any social media (and life, hey), show love and you’ll get love back. In other words, don’t make your account solely about YOU. On Instagram, it couldn’t be easier to do this.

This tip could help you to attract new followers, but it also allows you to tap into the creativity and spirit of your fans.

There is a right way and a wrong way.

You may have heard of artist Richard Prince, who made hundreds of thousands of dollars by creating an art installation of other people’s Instagram photos in New York. Don’t be that guy. Give people credit for their content.

How to repost—the right way

With a few minutes a day and some personality, you can show that you’re just as engaged with your followers’ posts as you want them to be with yours.

Take, for instance, this post:

Thanks for the great shot! ?#Repost @lara.croft0404 I ordered coconut water at Red Lentil today, it came in an actual coconut.

A photo posted by Red Lentil Vegan & Vegetarian (@redlentil600) on

Code not working? View the post on Instagram.com.

By using a free app called Repost, we were able to share this visitor’s post directly back on the restaurant’s Instagram page. It credits the fan—giving them exposure as well—and you can copy the original post while adding your own message.

As a result of this post, the fan followed the restaurant and liked many other posts on the Instagram account, and others saw and liked the post. (And I’m willing to bet she will also be sure to tag and post photos from this location in the future, in the hopes we’ll re-share the photo!)

Looking for more ways to show the Insta-love?

  • For photos tagged at your location, like / comment to show your appreciation.
  • Comment / like any photos that directly mention you.
  • Click on your Followers list and comment randomly on relevant photos they’re sharing.

Instagram Multiple AccountsAnother quick tip!

Have multiple Instagram accounts? They allow you to manage multiple accounts from one phone.

Visit your profile, then click the Settings wheel in the upper-right-hand corner. Scroll down near the bottom and you’ll see a link to Add Account.

This makes sharing Instagram posts to other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) a bit more cumbersome, but if you’re flipping between multiple accounts, it’s a godsend.

For more information on how to use this feature, visit Instagram’s help page on the topic.

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