40 Ways to repurpose & recycle your energy business’s content

Gartner research shows that “those who make helping customers a top priority that echoes throughout their marketing strategies—from personalization and content marketing to customer experience and brand value—will be better positioned to differentiate themselves from competitors.” However, Cision reports:

65.8 percent of marketers say being able to produce engaging, well-designed visual content consistently is their biggest struggle.

For clean energy professionals to stay competitive, it’s critical to take advantage of your assets. That means finding ways to promote the original content piece along with repurposing case studies and white papers to build a significant number of resources.  Although the task may seem daunting, all the repurposed content builds upon itself. (This process is best organized as part of an established communications plan.)

Create content from white papers or case studies.

Now, this is the nitty-gritty of repurposing content. Most data from your white paper or case study can be reused in a variety of formats. This provides plenty of ways to repurpose content over and over.

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  1. Design infographics from statistics and quotes. Alternatively, pull together data from several case studies into one infographic.
  2. Create a long-form guide that helps energy buyers by breaking down your white paper into digestible chunks.
  3. Record a mini whiteboard video demonstrating the results found in the case study.
  4. Upload a podcast that incorporates interviews from experts in your white paper.
  5. Develop a pdf file with a downloadable checklist.
  6. Build an interactive content piece, complete with video, images, and statistics from your case studies or white paper.
  7. Talk to your energy clients directly while sharing slides during a webinar or online event. For extra exposure, get experts from your white paper or case study involved.
  8. Pull out graphics and main points to highlight in an eBook.
  9. Turn your white paper or case study into a slide share that highlights vital facts and stats.

New ways to use white papers in traditional sales

Real estate brochureFace-to-face meetings aren’t going away. However, buyers expect clean energy organizations to deliver innovation and expertise at every level. Complement your traditional sales methods by turning data from your white papers and case studies into print and digital assets that your sales team can use on the road.

  1. Design a new sales sheet complete with an infographic using data from your white paper.
  2. Reuse testimonials and stats to make your print brochures pop.
  3. Create a slide deck for in-person presentations.

Update website by repurposing your digital assets.

Leverage data from your white papers and case studies to add credibility to your site. Plus, it helps you build trusted relationships within the energy industry.

LinkedIn Business case study landing page.

  1. Add specific quotes from your case studies to various web pages as extra social proof.
  2. Pull out statistics and testimonials for use in landing pages on your website.
  3. Upload a video to your home or about page that highlights your white paper data.
  4. Place your assets in a resource library on your website.

Upgrade and create blog posts.

Each clean energy case study or white paper equals dozens of opportunities to create new blog posts while updating or upgrading your older ones.

  1. Add images to your blog posts that use data from your assets.
  2. Create video snippets based on case study data that combines with your blog post angle.
  3. Build on an interview from the case study with new information in a blog post.
  4. Turn technical data into actionable steps with a how-to post.
  5. Develop an expert round-up post.

Repurpose content for email

Email isn’t dead, but if you send the same stuff every time, it might feel tedious. Boost open and click-through rates by repurposing a case study into several emails that target specific demographics within the energy industry. Focus on relationship-building by delivering emails that give extra value beyond what the case study or white paper offers.

  1. Email call-outs and content shorties provide a snippet of your white paper or case study to recipients.
  2. Create a separate email newsletter that pulls out the main points and adds a personal twist.

Repurpose content for social media

Start with one white paper or a series of case studies on your energy clients. Then, pull out information that assists buyers at different points in their journey. Use the data to connect with decision-makers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

  1. Turn testimonials from case studies into engaging copy on a social post.
  2. Create correctly-sized social media testimonial images.
  3. Use stats, social proof, and pictures for a Facebook or Instagram story.
  4. Repurpose unused headlines and titles into social posts directing your audience to your white paper or case study.
  5. Record several platform-specific video snippets with social proof and statistics from the survey.
  6. Upload a longer video tied to your white paper on YouTube.
  7. Schedule a series of tweets on Twitter that tag experts quoted or interviewed in your case study.

Tweet by Nexus for Development with an expert tagged.

  1. Develop a series of LinkedIn posts that reference data from your study and ask the audience for their opinion.
  2. Publish a LinkedIn post using statistics from your white paper while offering new insights and original thought.
  3. Talk about your white paper or case study during a live stream on one or all of your social channels.
  4. Share your content when engaging with groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Repurpose content for paid and earned media.

Incorporate paid and earned media in your branding and marketing strategy to extend your reach and give new life to your clean energy white paper.

  1. Submit guest posts to reputable sites that reference your white paper and case study data.
  2. Publish an article about your study on Medium or Harvard Business Review.
  3. Increase your reach by sharing your newsworthy white paper info in a press release.
  4. Share data points on Quora or Reddit as part of a thorough answer to a question related to the energy industry.

Last but not least …

  1. Update the original white paper or case study with new quotes and statistics.
  2. Turn your original case study or white paper back into a raw product. Then recycle it into a brand new asset.

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