Acela Energy Group

Energy Business Brand Strategy

Norfolk, Massachusetts

The Challenge

A brand for a time of crisis

The energy industry is built on energy conservation experts like Rich Costello, president of Acela Energy Group. To support the Acela Energy Group’s growth initiatives, they needed a redesigned brand identity and to launch a new division called Acela Thermal Energy. 

With such clients as Four Seasons, Bank of America, Gillette Companies, and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Acela Energy Group has a renowned international reputation as an energy procurement consultant for federal and state authorities, healthcare organizations, universities, industrial, and corporate firms.


The Response

COVID-19 product launch

In May 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, the client approached us to design a brochure for his refrigeration and sterilization products and services. They needed our help with not only design and layout, but also how to position the piece.

Acela Thermal targets large grocery stores and food service businesses to make their freezers and coolers more efficient. With anti-fog film installed, they can conserve energy and save money.


He and his partners also engineered a disinfectant solution for shopping carts, in direct response to COVID-19. Their product not only saves energy and money, but better protects consumers and employees.