Chef responsive web design
Chef Jay Reifel

Brand strategy and web design

New York, New York

The Challenge

Positioning for success

Chef Jay Reifel has been an executive chef for many years, in the food history space, Michelin-star fine dining, and catering for the Mets' Citi Field, the Brooklyn Law School, and other large-scale clients. With the launch of his new cookbook and big media exposure on the horizon, he needed a refined brand all his own.

First, we sat down together and discussed creating KPIs that aligned business and brand goals. Jay needed to start thinking of himself as a business, and that meant goal-setting, as well as outlining communications and sales strategy.


We worked with the chef to develop a website that would highlight the new book and events around the city, as well as the chef’s long list of articles, interviews, and television appearances (he beat Bobby Flay!). 


He had an illustration of a boar’s head from a historic cookbook that we helped to translate into a digitized, vector illustration, and then crafted into a logo.


We also worked with Jay and cookbook co-author, founder of Edible History Victoria Flexner, to guide a communications strategy for future outreach opportunities for the book, including sample launch graphics.