Slidedeck presentation
Long Island City Partnership & LIC BID

CBO Collateral Design

New York, New York

The Challenge

Build on ideas and meet tight deadlines for a short-staffed team

Economic development print design, editorial support, and display design.

LIC Partnership’s administrative and marketing team is motivated and spirited, unifying Long Island City in the areas of business and culture via events and programs.


LICP already has a properly structured brand, but on an ongoing basis for campaigns, events, and everyday collateral, they need design assistance for print collateral and marketing materials, as well as those of the Long Island City Business Improvement District (LIC BID).

The proposed designs were a big hit with the team, and beautifully reflected the many facets and diversity of Long Island City, as well as the LICP’s annual campaigns.


We injected editorial guidance, where applicable, to enhance headlines and messaging, eliminate verbal redundancy, and improve readability.


Within tight deadlines, we work hand-in-hand with key staff to complete these projects on time and within budget.

  • LICP Business Assistance Brochure and Slidedeck (2023)
  • LICP Neighborhood Snapshot (2023)
  • LIC BID Annual Report (2017-2023)
  • LICP Annual Report (2018-2023)
  • LIC Summit program (2019-2023)
  • LICP Real Estate Breakfast – Sponsored Virtual Event (2020-2021)
  • LICP Sponsor Street Banner Campaign (2021)
  • LIC Springs to Summer! Passport (2021)
  • LICP Annual Awards Gala Program and postcard (2018, 2021)
  • LICP Brochure (2020)
  • LICP Annual Real Estate Breakfast bifold (2018-2020)
  • LIC BID Small Business Saturday shopping guide (2019)
  • LICP Life Sciences in Long Island City bifold (2019)
  • LICP Business Services bifold (2017)
  • Perks Loyalty Program cards (2017): Redesign of their loyalty card. We designed the core brand version, as well as a co-branded version for their vendor partners to hand out to their customers.

Thank YOU so much for all the great work you continue to do with us and your professionalism and patience.

Elizabeth Lusskin, Executive Director Long Island City Partnership: New York, NY

Many, many thanks for your ongoing responsiveness. Our director is running around the office with a big smile on his face thanks to you.

Krishna Patel, Director of Marketing & Events Long Island City Partnership: New York, NY

Just wanted to thank you, the LICP Annual Report turned out great. I know we had quite a bit going on this fall/winter, but we made it! Thank you for all your hard work on all of our projects. I really appreciate it and look forward to working with you on many more in the new year.

Alexis Hoffman, Senior Manager, Marketing & Community Relations Long Island City Partnership: New York, NY

Thank you for your hard work and patience!

Christina Chavez, Project Manager, Planning and Development Long Island City Partnership: New York, NY

We value our relationship with you. You’re super awesome and flexible. Thank you for being such a great partner to us. I wouldn’t be able to get things done without your flexibility.

Rowena Sahulee, Director of Marketing & Communications Long Island City Partnership: New York, NY