Wellness brand strategy

Family & Youth Wellness Brand Strategy

The Challenge

Reimagining family wellness

Malama is a new brand, and we assisted the owner in bringing his vision to life: creating a safe space for families to communicate, grow, and heal. While he had sheets of ideas laid out grid-style, he needed direction on visuals and messaging.

The Strategy

Building the brand from the ground up: tirelessly on brand strategy, visual design, and infusing it all with meaning.

Steps included:

  • Brand naming and tagline development
  • Signature / logo design and palette selection
  • Brand brief development
  • Persona development
  • Competitive and market analysis
  • Defining key marketing channels
  • Defining brand story
  • Defining brand goals
Wellness brand strategy

Thank you for the brand brief. You did an amazing job capturing and synthesizing all the things we've talked about.

David Hom, Founder Malama: New York, NY