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Business & Brand Strategy

Honolulu, Hawaii

The Challenge

A brand and business reinvention

The client has a well-established brand in the high-risk pregnancy space. In fact, Parijat is one-of-a-kind in this niche market. Our strategic goals had to include preserving reputation while reworking the business structure altogether.

The existing business model—a one-on-one coaching practice and speaking practice—has celebrated high-visibility press, high-end clientele, and a solid reputation for its experience in the area of high-risk pregnancy.


However, the owner envisioned restructuring the business model to become a membership / subscription-based community less dependent on her personally. We were engaged as management consultants to help her work through that transition from a business and brand standpoint.

Ruvelle wouldn't exist without Sarah Williams's genius, heart, and wisdom too. Thank you for believing in me and seeing the vision and being the exact voice I have always needed to take my work to the next many levels.

Parijat Deshpande Founder, Ruvelle: Honolulu, HI

Sarah is one of my favorite people. In working with her, I felt totally free to bring everything I am to the table.

Parijat Deshpande Founder, Ruvelle: Honolulu, HI

I interviewed 15 people before I found you. They were all awful, sales-y, saying they could do what I needed, but I wasn't sure they understood. When I got off the phone with you, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for and that you understood how to transition my brand and business. I'm so loving working with you!

Parijat Deshpande Founder, Ruvelle: Honolulu, HI
The Strategy

Proposed services included:

  • Performing a brand and business audit, including communications, operations, financials, and customer relations
  • Defining business and brand objectives (KPIs)
  • Performing competitive analysis and business model review
  • Gathering data relating to finances, sales, pricing, CRMs, automation, customer feedback, and internal operations processes
  • Reviewing and revising brand positioning, client retention, mission, values, target audiences, messaging, marketing collateral, communications channels, member management, etc.
  • Advising on brand naming, pricing, configuration, sales copy, and outreach messaging for programs and membership
  • Evaluating the customer experience, building new pathways for customer acquisition, onboarding, nurturing, and retention
  • Customer journey mapping, sitemap and user flow development, consulting for website designer and developer
  • Evaluating what will shift to the new brand and how it will change, as well as how that affects communications strategy and messaging
  • Detailing the roadmap for the transition from the existing brand to the new brand