Pax Pretzels

Brand & Business Strategy for Food Product

Brooklyn, New York

Unfortunately, due to rising ingredients costs, this business was put on indefinite hiatus.

The Challenge

Telling a story of America to unify and uplift

Pax Pretzels is a story of America. A story of unity. A story of immigration and peace. All twisted up and delivered in unique, flavorful pretzels.


Unlike so many food businesses that start out as brick & mortar or cottage industry enterprises, Pax Pretzels aims from the beginning to enter the COVID marketplace—into a heavily disorganized industry primed for innovation—with a model that not only distributes amazing goods, but also amplifies immigrant chefs’ stories, unifies customers as Americans and part of a global ideal, and gives back to immigrant / refugee communities.

The Strategy

Plotting a course for brand and business viability

By building a support team of professionals within the food business space, coupled with our brand and business advisory services, we will help determine ingredient costs, revenue flows, market challenges, and outreach opportunities for this fledgling brand.

  • Signature / logo design and palette selection
  • Tagline development
  • Brand brief and style guide
  • Persona development
  • Competitive and market analysis
  • Defining key marketing channels
  • Business development, including sales and lead-gathering strategy
  • Crafting brand story, mission statement, and goals
  • Identifying nonprofit, manufacturing, and distribution partners
  • Packaging design, including labels and poly bags
  • Developing Kickstarter campaign and VC pitchdeck
  • Video services, including brand videos and storytelling videos for featured chefs and partner organizations
  • Website design, including user experience (UX) design and user flows, e-commerce buildout and subscription model, SEO best practices
  • Email marketing / omnichannel marketing development
  • Landing page designs
  • Digital graphics, including social media and brand templates
  • Content development and product organization
  • Launch campaigns
  • Post-launch planning and product rollout