Performance coach landing page design
Soha Al-Jurf

Brand Strategy for Professional Services

Tucson, Arizona

The Challenge

Transitioning a career and amplifying passion

Soha Al-Jurf is a seasoned voice coach, specifically working with injured opera singers. She is also a veteran voice pathologist, with a degree in Jungian studies and extensive work in the field of feminine archetypes. 


Like so many, she came to us in frustration about how to position herself as what she truly is. The problem? She wasn’t sure what she really wanted to be.

The Strategy

Narrow Soha's focus to help her to determine what she had to do versus what she wanted to do at this mid-career point.

When we first met Soha, she was desperate to get a landing page up to house her podcast episodes. We did that... but what she really needed was a new brand. Our subsequent consulting work was organic and spirited, and led us both in directions we never saw coming.

  • Survey the business as it stands now, and the positioning that she had done to date, under the guidance of former marketing consultants.
  • Strip away from each focus area to determine within each relationship type what brought Soha the most value personally and financially.
  • Develop personas—both past and hopeful future—of client types. (In the course of this conversation, we recommended that she watch the show Billions, and that exercise set her on a path toward an entirely new career and client focus, one she felt very excited about.)
  • Determine avenues to revenue: packages, services, etc., and then determine how she needs to rebuild her brand visually and verbally to meet the needs of her ideal clients.
  • Evaluation of current business structure to determine revenue flows and best assess ways to maximize profit (repeat customers, memberships, etc).
  • Competitive analysis to determine market saturation and develop best ways to differentiate Soha within the landscape for future sales / outreach efforts. 
  • Determine exit strategy for current client base while recommending preliminary sales strategy to reach ideal clients. Setting milestones and SMART goals for client acquisition over the course of 1, 5, 10 years.