Brand strategy presentation
Start Small Think Big

Workshop Training Series

New York, New York

The Challenge

A training seminar series for small business professionals

We were invited to hold four educational sessions in August 2023 for Start Small Think Big.


The nonprofit is dedicated to advancing equity and inclusion in entrepreneurship by connecting small businesses with the resources and community they need to thrive. They focus their efforts on underserved communities: BIPOC, women, LGBTQIA+, immigrants, veterans, entrepreneurs with disabilities, low-income, and formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs.

Session 1

8 Fresh Ideas for Brand Creation

Think beyond a logo to build a brand that people remember. This session will cover such topics as: purpose-driven storytelling, compelling visuals, gaining local traction, creating personalized experiences, tying your brand strategy to business goals, and the technology that makes it easier.

  • Purpose-driven storytelling
  • Compelling visual appeal
  • Focus on local
  • Sustainable and ethical practices
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • CRMs, automation, and lead nurturing
  • Surprises and exclusivity
  • Tying business planning to brand strategy
Session 2

Beneath the Surface: The Secrets of Website Assessment

Offered twice due to popularity! Thriving small businesses re-evaluate their websites as often as every quarter and minimally every year. If you’re experiencing a drop-off in visitor activity, launching a new product or initiative, or want to engage new users for any reason, this session will demonstrate key areas to evaluate like user experience, accessibility, and CTAs, as well as which tools to use and how to create an action plan.

  • The objectives document
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Performing a technical audit
  • Design and user experience
  • Content and SEO assessment
  • Local business touchpoints
Session 3

The Clear & Transparent Journey

Digital marketing can be overwhelming, especially for small business owners wearing dozens of hats. This session will cover strategies that tie business goals to communications—and the handy tools that keep you organized. Topics will include: customer engagement, public relations, segmentation, CRMs, automation, and lead nurturing.

  • Brand identity and consistency
  • Customer engagement and feedback
  • Public relations and reputation management
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • CRMs, automation, and lead nurturing

I was at your presentation today. After listening to your presentation, I feel like I need months to get my website to a level that would even be ready for an audit! I would love to know what you think would be the most effective interventions for my website right now.

Eli L Member, Start Small Think Big: Los Angeles, CA